Specialized Applications for Metrology(SAM)

SAM is used to calibrate RF components, as well as noise-sources and Keysight cal kits. Built with Microsoft Windows® technology, SAM is an easy to use, template based, threaded application.

SAM is available in the following applications:

Attenuator SAM
Power Splitter SAM
Directional Coupler SAM
Noise-Source SAM

Easy to Use – SAM’s user interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. Technicians have the ability to execute the tests in the order they choose and can rerun any test without losing data.

Customizable – SAM was designed with expandability and flexibility in mind. It includes several standard test routines and allows additional customized test routines with uncertainty calculations to be easily integrated.

State-of-the-Art – SAM was built using Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET® and Keysight’s Test and Measurement Tool Kit. SAM is compatible with National Instruments and Agilent GPIB cards. SAM is also able to communicate with instruments via Serial, TCP/IP or USB.

Attractive Reports – SAM has integrated Active Reports®, a powerful reporting tool that generates full color, customizable reports.

Template Based – The user is able to configure test points, test methods and standards in a template and then save the template for later use.

Batch Mode Operation – SAM allows the user to calibrate components in batch mode, allowing the user to calibrate more in less time.

Threaded Application – Because SAM is a truly Windows® based solution, it allows us to thread the application. What this means is the user can be more productive; so while the software is collecting calibration data on one component, the user can be updating information and printing the calibration data at the same time.