Agilent DSO-X 3000 & DSO-X 2000 Series MET/CAL® Proc

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Fluke MET/CAL® Performance Verification Procedure based on the Agilent Service Manual PN 75019-97012 dated January 2011 covering the Following Agilent DSO-X/MSO-X Series Oscilloscopes: DSO-X 20xxA & MSO-X 20xxA Series Scopes and the DSO-X 30xxA & MSO-X 30xxA Series Scopes.

This procedure comes with three standards configurations:

  • Fluke 5520A
  • Fluke 5522A
  • Fluke 9500
  • Fluke 5820A

** Other Standard Configurations are available upon request for an additional fee.**
This verification performs 100% of the tests listed in Agilent's written procedure, including the MSO Digital tests.

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Supported Models: DSO-X 2002A, MSO-X 2002A, DSO-X 2004A, MSO-X 2004A, DSO-X 2012A, MSO-X 2012A, DSO-X 2014A & MSO-X 2014A, DSO-X 2022A, MSO-X 2022A, DSO-X 2024A, MSO-X 2024A, DSO-X 3012A, MSO-X 3012A, DSO-X 3014A, MSO-X 3014A, DSO-X 3022A, MSO-X 3022A, DSO-X 3024A, MSO-X 3024A, DSO-X 3032A, MSO-X 3032A, DSO-X 3034A, MSO-X 3034A, DSO-X 3052A, MSO-X 3052A, DSO-X 3054A, MSO-X 3054A, DSO-X 3104A, MSO-X 3104A
Standards: Fluke 5520A with Scope Option or Fluke 9500A/B with 4 Heads
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