Procedures for Agilent Instruments

MET/CAL® Procedures for Agilent Test Equipment

We have an extensive list of procedures available for Agilent test equipment. If you require procedures for items not listed, give us a chance to quote on the procedure for you. Whether you’re ready to order or just want a quote, contact us at 303.317.6670 or email

16530A 6034A 8591E E3648A
16531A 6038A 8592A E4412A
16532A 6102A 8592B E4413A
16533A 6111A 8593A E4416A
16534A 6112A 8593E E4417A
33120A 6114A 8594E E4418A
33210A 6115A 8595A E4418B
33220A 6116A 8595E E4419A
3325A 6216A 8596E E4419B
3325B 6218B 8640B E4438C
33250A 6227B 8642A E4980A
3335A 6235A 8642B E5052A
3336A 6236B 8643A E5052B
3336B 6256B 8644A E5070A
3336C 6264B 8647A E5070B
33521A 6274B 8648A E5071A
33522A 6289A 8648B E5071B
34401A 6291A 8648C E5071C
34405A 6296A 8648D E5515C
34410A 6434B 8656A E6173A
34411A 6544A 8656B MSO6012A
34420A 6554A 8657A MSO6014A
3455A 6621A 8657B MSO6032A
3456A 6623A 8662A MSO6052A
3457A 6624A 8663A MSO6054A
3468A 6627A 8664A MSO6102A
3469B 6633A 8665A MSO6104A
3478A 6642A 8665B MSO7032A
34970A 6643A 8671B MSO7034A
34980A 6652A 8672A MSO7052A
3585A 6653A 8673B MSO7104A
3585B 6672A 8673C MSO9104A
4274A 81111A 8673D MSO9254A
4275A 81112A 8673E MSO9404A
4284A 81113A 8673H N5741A
4328A 81131A 8753B N5742A
4338A 81132A 8753C N5743A
4338B 81133A 8753D N5744A
437B 81134A 8753E N5745A
438A 8114A 8753ES N5746A
53131A 8340A 8756A N5747A
53132A 8340B 8901A N5748A
53147A 8341A 8901B N5749A
53150A 8341B 8902A N5750A
53151A 83620A 8903A N5751A
53181A 83620B 8903B N5752A
5334A 83622A 8903E N5761A
5334B 83622B 8904A N5762A
5335A 83623A 8960 Series 10 N5763A
5342A 83623B DSO5012A N5764A
5343A 83623L DSO5014A N5765A
5350A 83624A DSO5032A N5766A
5350B 83624B DSO5034A N5767A
5351A 83630B DSO5052A N5768A
5351B 83630L DSO5054A N5769A
54501A 83711A DSO6012A N5770A
54502A 83711B DSO6014A N5771A
54503A 83712A DSO6014L N5772A
54510A 83712B DSO6032A N6731B
54522A 83731A DSO6034A N6732B
54522C 83732A DSO6052A N6733B
54600B 83732B DSO6054A N6734B
54601B 83751A DSO6102A N6735B
54602B 83752A DSO6104A N6736B
54603B 83752B DSO6104L N6741B
54601A 8477A DSO7032A N6742B
54602A 8560E DSO7034A N6743B
54610B 8560EC DSO7052A N6744B
54615B 8561B DSO7054A N6745B
54621A 8561E DSO7104A N6746B
54622A 8561EC DSO90254A N6751A
546224A 8562A DSO90404A N6752A
54621D 8562E DSO90604A N6761A
54622D 8562EC DSO90804A N6762A
54642A 8563A DSO91204A N6773A
54645B 8563E DSO91304A N6774A
54810A 8563EC E1410A N6775A
54815A 8564E E1411A N6776A
54820A 8564EC E1411B N9310A
54825A 8565E E1416A N9320A
54835A 8565EC E1420B N9330A
54845A 8566A E1426A N9340A
54846A 8566B E1437A N9340B
6012B 8568A E3611A U1241A/42A
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6024A 8568B U1241B/42B
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6033A U1251A/52A
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