Power Sensors Calibration to 50 GHz

Fast, accurate and ready to run the day you open the box… Cal Lab Solutions is proud to introduce the first ever 50 GHz Power Sensor Calibration System engineered for the demands of today’s high production calibration labs. Our system is a complete replacement for the obsolete 11760S.

This calibration system is a complete turn-key solution (hardware, software, computer and printers) for power sensors from 9 kHz to 50 GHz, power splitters up to 50 GHz and step & fixed attenuators to 50 GHz… one rack does it all.

Maximize Your Return On Investment Better use of standards and some creative thinking allowed us to minimize the standards required to perform accurate NIST traceable calibrations. This system uses network analyzers and a custom built amplifier assembly in place of the traditional signal generators to calibrate power sensors.

Do More With Less Not only is the system designed to calibrate power sensors, but you can also calibrate attenuators, power splitters, filters and directional couplers up to 50 GHz.

Calibrate It Right This system comes complete with all the required standards and software able to perform all the required tests (rho, cal factor and linearity). This is the only solution able to fully test all the Agilent E-Series power sensors and upload the data to the internal EEPROM.

Maximize Your Technician’s Efficiency PS-Cal is a XML template driven software solution that is extremely easy to use. By putting the technician in charge of calibration, PS-Cal allows the user to calibrate one, two or even ten power sensors in batch mode and repeat any steps as needed.

PCS-50 DataSheet