CATS – Calibrated Asset Tracking System

CATS – Calibrated Asset Tracking System

CATS is a web-based calibration and preventative maintenance tracking system. Designed to provide a single point of access where managers, maintenance providers, and the individual users can all work together managing your company’s calibration program.

Track it all, with CATS’ event based history tracking. Users can track calibration, preventative maintenance, and location changes in a single application. This historical tracking feature allows the user to not only see who currently has the asset, but everyone who has had it in the past. CATS does not overwrite a location with a new location. Rather, it stores all location changes and events in a history table. This powerful tracking tool can trace the historical possession of an instrument from the end user’s hands, to an external calibration lab, back to the end user.

CATS was developed to simplify the regulatory requirements of a calibration maintenance program. The base package provides all key requirements needed to manage an organization’s calibration program. Users can add additional package features listed below. If your organization has additional requirements not listed below, then Cal Lab Solutions can deliver additional custom add-on packages.

CATS Base Features:

  • Organizes and simplifies compliance with regulatory bodies like 17025, Z540 and ISO 9000
  • Own your calibration data
  • Simple to use, web-based solution
  • Keeps data centrally located, minimizing maintenance and upgrade expenses
  • Tracks both calibration and preventative maintenance in a single system
  • Uploads electronic copies of calibration certificates and view them as needed
  • External calibration labs can securely access and update your maintenance records in the CATS database
  • Assigns tasks to end users
  • Assigns assets to cost centers and tracks the associated maintenance costs of supporting those assets
  • Developed using industry standard software, i.e. Microsoft’s SQL Server, and the .Net framework
  • Customizable to meet an organization’s unique requirements
  • Several upgrade packages are available to specifically meet your organization’s unique requirements

Add-On Features:

Internal Calibration Tracking: Adds the required features to perform internal calibration, including the ability to generate Certificates of Calibration listing all the traceable standards used. Internal Calibration Tracking also tracks equipment used for preventative maintenance and adds additional reporting capabilities, including equipment utilization and reverse tractability.

Segregated Equipment Management: CATS Basic assigns user roles to the whole system, while Segregated Equipment Management adds the ability to limit a user’s role for each division of a company in the system. This is a great add-on feature for larger organizations.

Asset and Virtual Asset Tracking: Adds the ability to combine several components as a single virtual asset. For example, your company has several test stations each comprised of an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, and power supply… these three sub-components can be tracked as a single virtual asset.

Company Division Management: Allows you to build a company tree in the database and create reports based on that tree, with the ability to support both a pyramid organization and a matrix organization.

Data Migration: We also offer data migration service. In most cases, we can take the calibration data from your existing system and import it into CATS saving you time and money.