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DSO-X 2000/3000 MET/CAL® Procedure Update

The Keysight DSO-X 2000/3000 MET/CAL® Performance Verification Procedure has been updated to correct Vertical Gain Measurements.

The previous procedure took absolute measurements based on 0V DC. This update will now source 0V DC from the calibrator and measure the delta gain value. To get the update: You will need to repeat the checkout/download process here with a valid credit card. Since the procedure is $0.00, your card with not be charged. If you have any questions please contact

IniValueEditor: A Free Tool from Cal Lab Solutions

IniValueEditor.exe is a specialized editor for allowing safer and more convenient editing of INI files than using Notepad.exe.  The editor was originally designed as an external extension tool to assist programs written using the Fluke MET/CAL® development tool set.  It can also be used as a standalone program.

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Cal Lab Solutions Releases Metrology.NET Software

Cal Lab Solutions, Inc., a metrology software and consulting company, is releasing Metrology.NET ™ to help customers integrate their different lab software and databases into a single solution. Metrology.NET™ is a new modular approach to metrology automation and data management. Designed to be a system of systems, Metrology.NET™ bridges the gap between the multiverses of software tools currently used in calibration labs by acting as a connector layer, allowing users to build and reconfigure “pieces parts” of different software applications into their total solution.

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Cal Lab Solutions Releases Free Automation Software Supporting Agilent DSO-X 4000 Series

Cal Lab Solutions has released automated procedures for the Agilent DSO-X/MSO-X 4000A Series Oscilloscopes, developed for Agilent Technologies, to be licensed to Agilent customers free of cost. This procedure uses standards configuration: Fluke 9500A/B with 4 heads. This verification performs 100% of the tests listed in Agilent’s written procedure, including the MSO Digital tests. Other Standard Configurations are available upon request for an additional fee. For more information contact

For download instructions, visit:

Cal Lab Solutions Releases Free Automated Procedures for the Agilent DSO-X

Cal Lab Solutions, Inc. recently released automated procedures for the Agilent DSO-X 20xxA/30xxA and MSO-X 20xxA/30xxA series oscilloscopes. This procedure was developed for Agilent Technologies, to be licensed to all Agilent customers absolutely free. This procedure comes with three standards configurations: Fluke 5520A with scope option, 5820A, and the 9500A/B with 4 heads. For download instructions, visit:

For a complete list of supported models, visit:

Cal Lab Solutions Acquires Cal Lab Magazine

Cal Lab Magazine was founded in 1994 by Charles Masi, a former editor at Test and Measurement World.  At the time there were a handful of test and measurement magazines that would cover calibration products, but only rarely devoted an article to calibration.  Read More…