Over the years, CLS has become our preferred provider. We’ve purchased their MET/CAL procedures, as well as PS-Cal. If there is ever an issue, they take care of it that day and if they can’t get to it that day, I know they will get back to me. It took a short while to get PS-Cal configured to our lab and once it was set up, we’ve only had to have Cal Lab Solutions come in to add more sensors to the program. We added not only the power sensor calibration program, but attenuator, power splitter and noise source calibration applications as well. I do not have a lot of time to debug automated procedures, so we use CLS because their procedures just work.

Thousand Oaks, CA

To Whom It May Concern:
Our calibration lab had been using an HP 11760S Sensor Station for the calibration of various HP sensors. The computer was an HP 300; the software written in HP Basic, and then ported to Pascal during the Y2k change. Since both computer and software support were obsolete, we wanted a flexible solution that could be used with the hardware we currently had in-house (11760S Station), and provide reliable calibrations using a proven and accepted calibration process.

Cal Lab Solutions provided this in their PS CAL software package. They came on-site for a week for installation and training. The software was easily adapted and configured to our station. We were able to replace some of the older equipment with newer standards that have better performance specifications and capabilities (ex. 8753E Network Analyzer). The calibration process and techniques were well documented, along with the uncertainty analysis. All sensor data was tested and verified against the original HP system. The front panel interface (GUI) is one of the best interfaces I’ve used. The application is easy to use, and any minor modifications we’ve requested (ex. report format) were implemented by Cal Lab Solutions on the spot. The support we continue to receive for any questions is outstanding.

I would recommend Cal Lab Solutions. I’ve worked in metrology for over 22 years and used many different automated applications; PS CAL provides flexibility and it works well.

Joseph Patchett, Metrologist