About Us

Cal Lab Solutions is a metrology based software engineering company. We develop both customized and off-the-shelf software solutions for companies around the world. We’ve worked hard to position Cal Lab Solutions as the leading custom solution provider for the metrology industry. We have the expertise in both the software development and metrology. By fusing these two technologies, we’re able to engineer innovative solutions to seemingly impossible tasks.

We provide an affordable array of technologies and skills designed to increase your company’s productivity and profitability. Unlike most companies, we are not fixated on any one single technology. When we start on a new project with one of our customers, we evaluate every technology’s pros and cons, how well the technology matches your business and then recommend the right/most cost effective technology for the project.

Our core staff primarily consists of software engineers with diverse backgrounds in metrology. Because we have an in-depth knowledge of both metrology and software, we possess a unique ability to understand the problem and quickly identify the right technology to get the job done.